Flash and UML

Posted on July 17, 2008


Today I had my first look into Enterprise Architect, one of the UML-tools you can get online. The main thing to choose Enterprise Architect is that it understands AS3 without having to go through the pain of setting all kinds of meta-data for the tool to understand “it is not Java you are reading!”.

I do not like the GUI at all to produce UML to produce code. I do like the option to map my application structure in Class Diagrams so I can validate and verify the structure of my applications.

What I do miss is the option to integrate the comments I put into my code, so the UML-chart is showing a bit more than just the abstract classes. Maybe I overlooked the option. If possible it would be very cool.

Missing (overlooked) as well is the Apple/Eclipse plugin version. A Windows version is available, but I will spend less and less time on that platform.

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