5 things I am thinking about

Posted on August 26, 2010


Coined by Alper in my peer group and soon enough followed up by Kars here are my five things:

  1. The consequences of living by assumptions – Started by “The world of Null A” (inspired by the work of Anton Korzybski – “Science and Sanity” in specific) and followed by many others, including my recent read “The God delusion“, I believe that as longs as we – as individuals and as a group – base our lives, judgments and decisions on assumptions (without correcting them when proven wrong), we will continue to hold back, oppress, abuse and repress ourselves and others.
  2. Roomware, “Web 4.0” and the “Internet of things” – What they all share is that the link between the “Internet” and the physical world is becoming stronger and stronger: pumping sensor data into databases and responsive systems via TCP/IP, disclosing data from online sources in physical spaces: materializing our Datacloud (all the data and objects we uploaded and created online) and offering new ways to connect
  3. Living in public / outcasts / pleasing our peers / the relationship of social media towards existing behavioral patterns – We please our peers to be part of a group. Telling the “truth” (you have bad breath, your ideas suck, I do not believe in what you believe in) can lead to exclusion unless it regards the outcast (for which you – in general – will win points on that specific behavior). Showing your tits online, or your dick, or your friends in compromising positions might lead to a growing popularity. The new isolation will include “your work not being recognized by your peers”: 3 people reading your blog post or blurt-outs – as proof for your unimportance to the human race.
  4. Accepting the status of outcast – Mass behavior is not per definition the most smart or educated one (see religious groups, the recent HTML5 versus Flash discussions and some of the main drivers in our Western culture). Accepting the status of outcast is to stop and try to please the crowd, go through the cold turkey of “deprivation of group acceptance” (and thus not having to shout your disdain to “Prove” anything to others to get your dose of attention) and find out what lies in your heart ans soul when everything else is cut away.
  5. My next 40 to 60 years – I approach 40. Somehow my brain is slowly preparing and laying out the way for the next 40 years. It is trying to find a mental position and mental construction where it will hold and maintain a specific direction regardless of short term impulses. In other words: the choices I will be making will be worked out over longer periods of time, with more patience than I showed before. A strange phenomenon for me as in the decades before my maximum scope of vision was 5 years and when things did not work out as I expected, I discarded the item as a whole.

(I still live by assumptions, correcting them when proven wrong. It is the shortest cut if you want to have a life.)

What I left out is my thoughts about “The Singularity”. See this draft for a story, starting from: “World” (mind you that it is a draft / brainstorm for a story, not a scientific research paper).

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