5 things to do when moving into startup mode

August 22, 2011


In the next 6 months, 3 projects are to be finished: An Android application to log your daily consumption – For a specific target audience and possibly with two or three spin-off products for people who are on a diet HotForestGreen – A framework for real time event handling over multiple devices. Also shortly called […]

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Six things to build and four things to do (professionally) in 2011

November 16, 2010


I guess these are my early New Years resolutions. Six things to build Create a solid personal / collaborative Content Creation / Content Management tool – to do my personal and business writing in and manage my projects and to-do items Write the Roomware Cluster Node Code Base – to run all kind of real […]

Writing an app to write stuff together

November 15, 2010


Inspired by my own needs for collaborative and Wiki-style document building and Scrivener and  Storymill I have added another pet project to my list: to build a collaborative tool for offline and shared content-creation and content management. It is a nice step back to what I have been doing and building in the late 1990s […]

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5 things I am thinking about

August 26, 2010


Coined by Alper in my peer group and soon enough followed up by Kars here are my five things: The consequences of living by assumptions – Started by “The world of Null A” (inspired by the work of Anton Korzybski – “Science and Sanity” in specific) and followed by many others, including my recent read […]

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Aliens and why I am not putting my money on SETI or Kurzweil

April 22, 2010


SETI is scanning the sky for radio waves. – ASSUMING aliens use radio waves to communicate. And that is the reason I am not putting my money on SETI. This post is triggered by one Geoffrey Miller wrote in 2006: “Why we haven’t met any Aliens” and a discussion today on Twitter. the assumptions Miller […]

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Low / no cost input devices for RoomWare

August 10, 2009


Low cost means of input: QR-codes Virtual Dials (AR Toolkit + camera + fiducials) Scraping / sound QR-codes QR-codes can be printed on plain paper and contain any kind of data. Several scenarios are possible. To link your personal profile on an online service to a RFID tag / card To do a handshake using […]

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Do It At Home RoomWare / AnyWhere flow

June 30, 2009


[CONCEPT] Last week the RoomWare team (James Burke, Tijs Teulings and Tom Burger, J.T.T. for short) and I had a meeting regarding the next steps. One of the outcomes was (in my words) “Help James’ sister to set up a RoomWare Party”. Basics: Anyone should be able to run an RoomWare installation Runs out of […]

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